Pop/Punk Artist: Shiragirl

We’re celebrating the last day of #PRIDEMONTH with Shiragirl and her new music video #RESIST

On January 21st 2017, millions of women all over the world marched in solidarity, as you probably saw in person and in the media. But what you might have missed, among the crowd of 750,000 people at the Women’s March LA, was Shiragirl in the crowd shooting her video RESIST.

Punk-rock rebel Shiragirl attended the march with cameras rolling to help spread the message with a music video for her new song “RESIST.” In the video, Shira marches down the streets shouting “Resist oppression, resist the war, resist everything…” while her guitarist April Ridinger marches in the Women’s March Miami. The RESIST video also features a brilliant mural “Meanwhile in America” created by Hollywood graffiti artist Greg Auerbach. Shira interacts with the mural and several Women’s March participants, to bring the statement to life.


Latin/Soul Artist: SIBIE LAVOZ

As sassy as her name sounds, Sibie Lavoz is a New York based sanger (cause the word “singing” just doesn’t cut it) with a fresh latin soul flare.  A product of a gospel upbringing, Sibie learned to hone her vocal tones early on, and has since been building a buzz around the Big Apple.

After getting donned the name, “Lavoz” by a friend, it stuck with her and she has since been making her name known in the jazz nightclub circuit, and even landed a feature at Time Warner Studios.  Currently working on her next proect, you can check out the rest of her catalogue at her profile!


Alternative Artist-Cris Valkyria

Sometimes an artist creates a sounds that is so remarkably unique that you just can’t possibly tie it down to one genera. Cris Valkyria – is just that! She is simply and refreshingly un-categorizable.

Born and raised in Norway, graduating with a degree in Psychology, traveling the world, and finally settling down in Philly; Cris now shows off her musical talents as lead singer of the band “Valkyrians“. Though the bands foundation is in the Alt-Rock genre, Cris takes it for a spiral with her sweet sound, and folky tone. Staying true to her Scandinavian roots, Cris gives an almost elven, otherworldly vibe with her voice. Injecting a fantasy style undertone into otherwise rock driven music.

Valkyrians is a Philly-based band that has established a reputation of a band hard to categorize, but with a memorable sound.

So aside from having a really cool name, Cris is an artist who pushes genre boundaries. The unique sound of her music gives off an ethereal sort of impression, and unique genre-crossing flare. Her Nordic, old word vocals, mixed with the alt-rock sound of the Valkyrians shows something truly unique.


County Artist: Kimberly Wolff

Kimberly Wolff is a country artist whose combines her vocal talents with her entertaining ability to creates a show that will have you on your feet from beginning to end. Tessa Denen from Perimeter Entertainment is quoted as saying Kimberly Wolff is not what you’d expect a female country artist to be. Her show is high energy from beginning to end. Her vocals are every bit as good as any artist you hear on the radio today, if not better. She is most definitely a star in the making.”

Kimberly might remind you of other strong female country artist such as Top billboard artist Carrie Underwood performing – Before he cheats or Gretchen Wilson – Redneck women. Kimberly delivers a sound of today’s country. Edgy raw with a mix of pop and rock filtered in.

Check out Kimberly performing Martina McBrides “Anyway” In front of a packed stadium of 25,000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVmtHMpi1Aw

Kimberly realized her passion for performing at the young age of seven, and since has taken advantage of every opportunity to get on stage.

After attending St. Ambrose University to study music, Kimberly came home to Illinois to start the career she had been working for all of her life. Kimberly quickly gained the support of some of Chicago’s biggest and best radio stations, producers and venues. She traveled to and from Nashville multiple times and was named Nashville Star Search’s “Best New Talent.” She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee

After seeing Kimberly perform, Today’s Country Magazine stated, “Kimberly Wolff is definitely a Chicago area performer to keep your eyes on.” The magazine, as well as anyone who has had the chance to see Kimberly live, was blown away by the singers ability to perform.

Things have not slowed down for this rising star and after gaining much praise and encouragement from Chicago’s industry professionals, Kimberly decided to make the move to Nashville permanently. 2012 promises to be an incredible year for this artist as there are many new and exciting things in the works. Some of Nashville’s best are already lining up to become a part of this singer’s rise to the top. Keep your eyes open because things just keep getting better and better for this up-and-coming country star!

You can learn more about her and listen to her music at http://www.getconquer.com/kimberlywolff/


Country/Rock Band : Skunk Ruckus

The release of their second album on May 11th, “Pearls Before Swine” really showcases the band’s unique style and lack of concern when it comes to crossing genres and breaking the rules of sterile formula based music. It’s a gret combination of old school Appalachian Mountain Music and the free expression of punk rock.

Originally a duo with Jim McCarthy on Banjo and stomping a kick drum along with Max Steel on bass, the current configuration has the addition of drummer, Claude Coleman, Jr. and Dave Gilbert on electric guitar. With Jim’s gut-singing vocal style the sound is awesome and you can’t compare it to anything out there, definitely unique and hard to put in any kind of descriptive box.
I think sometimes as regional musicians you end up in performance situations that vary dramatically in regards to the engagement of your audience. Sometimes you’re a rockstar and sometimes you’re background noise for the drinking crowd. The title of this new album comes from a situation Jim McCarthy was quoted as saying, “We were playing a show and just kicking the crap out of it,” he says. “And no one was responding. We might as well not have been there. And then Dave leaned over and said, ‘We are giving these guys gems!’ And I said, ‘Pearls before swine!’” It was all meant in good-natured fun, but the phrase stuck and ended up as the album title.”
The Ruckus boys are playing all up and down the East Coast and the Carolinas, if you have the chance to catch one of their shows you will not be disappointed. HillBilly Rock-N-Roll is alive and well!



Phil Stacey is a Christian Recording Artist. You may have been introduced to him as a finalist on the 6th season of American Idol; or watched him perform on Ellen or the Tonight Show; seen him as a featured artist on tours with Michael Smith or Natalie Grant; or even attended one of the thousand concerts he’s headlined around the world in the last six years.

Phil was signed to a recording contract with Lyric Street Records. His debut single, “If You Didn’t Love Me”, was released to radio in early 2008 as the lead-off to his self-titled debut album, which was issued April 29, 2008 on Lyric Street. Stacey’s second album, Into the Light, was released on August 25, 2009 via Reunion Records.

In 2011, Phil has recently joined with Market America and Conquer Entertainment to release his newest album FAITH.

Currently he is touring all over the country every week. You can listen to his music at http://www.getconquer.com/philstacey


Hey Conquer fans! If you’re looking for some live music this month then check out these upcoming shows and tour dates.



  • June 2nd, State Theatre in Harrah, OK
  • June 7th, Belcourt Taps in Nashville, TN
  • June 10th, CMA Fest @ Wildehorse Saloon in Nashville

Dan Reardon


  • June 4th, Lazy Lobster in East Rockaway, NY
  • June 15th, Brixx and Barley in Long Beach, NY

Fat Joe


  • June 3rd, Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA
  • June 11th, Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
  • June 30th, Zlate Piesky in Bratislava, Slovakia

K. Flay


  • June 14th, The National in Richmond, VA
  • June 15th, Firefly Music Festival in Dagsboro, DE
  • June 22nd, Heimathafen in Berlin, Germany
  • June 23rd, Hurricane Festival in Sheessel, Germany
  • June 23rd, Southside Festival in Neuhausen, Switzerland
  • June 27 and 28th, Camden Assembly in London, UK



  • June 1st, Knitting Factory Concert House in Boise, ID
  • June 2nd, Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor in Reno, NV
  • June 3rd, White Water Saloon in Paradise, CA
  • June 5th, The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA
  • June 6th, House of Blues in Anaheim, CA
  • June 7th, Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ
  • June 10th, The Pageant in Saint Louis, MO

Laney Lynx


  • June 14th, Father Knows Best in Brooklyn, NY

Little Texas


  • June 2nd, Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex in Marion, SC
  • June 16th, Old Capital Tavern in Sauk Rapids, MN
  • June 30th, Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO

Maggie Baugh


  • June 11th, Piranha’s Bar & Grill in Nashville, TN

Mark Mckinney


  • June 2nd, Love and War in Texas in Plano, TX
  • June 24th, Sundown at Granada in Dallas, TX
  • June 30th, The Saxon Pub in Austin, TX



  • June 6th, Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles, CA

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Troubadour: one of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians
often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the
end of the 13th century chiefly in the south of France and the
north of Italy and whose major theme was courtly love.

Today the Troubadours still exist making their living from
their music one night at a time. Walter Finley is a great
example of a Modern Day Troubadour. I asked him what it
felt like to have his sole income be generated by his voice and
the instrument in his hand, what does his day to day life look
like… “I am a troubadour, I travel around to different towns
and cities looking for places to play. I literally walk into venues
and say can I play here just like the poet-musician’s of times
past. Nobody knows my name when I get started, I have to
play a few cover songs to win them over and get them to like
me, I have to start up some kind of dialogue and get them
involved which is when I am able to introduce my original
music. I love to tell the stories behind the songs.”

What’s your biggest high when you’re out playing? “…when
I’m playing songs I have written I can’t help but pour my heart
into it and I feel the audience and myself become one for a
few minutes that gets me higher than anything I know.”

What is the toughest part of what you do? “When I play a
show and become background music. In the same respect
that it’s exhilarating to have those moments when you and
the audience become one it’s very difficult to poor your your heart out to a room full of people and just be viewed as
some kind of noise that they have to rise above to have a
conversation, those moments feel very lonely.”

Why do you do it? It seems like a hard way to carve out your
spot in this world. “Because at the end of the day, whether I
was background noise for a moment, the star of my own one
man show for 30 people or standing on stage in front of
thousands… those moments when you hear a crowd singing
your song back to you, when someone comes up to me and
lets me know that they loved one of my songs, that the words
touched them it makes me feel good and I know I made a

The Troubadour still exists, going from town to town, place to
place, making a living pouring their heart out through their
music one night at a time.