Best of the Booth is Back! Time to Join the Conquer Crew

Conquer Entertainment is proud to announce its third official Conquer Entertainment Best of the Booth Talent Showcase. Taking place Market America International Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina; artists will be taking over the conquer booth, competing to win a free 1 year membership as an official Conquer Artist!  This means performance opportunities, music streaming, merchandise distribution, and support with music marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to jumpstart your music career, joining the Conquer Platform is the way to go!

So show us what you got. Maybe you have what it takes to join the Conquer Crew!


Looking for New Talent

We have been blown away by the amazing talent that has been a part of our previous showcases. Now it’s time for you to show us what you got!

Winner of the first official Best of the Booth; A.D. Scott is just as skilled a rapper as any big name in Hip-Hop!

Exclusive Backstage Performances

Along with the Talent Showcase, we invite all performing artists backstage for the opportunity to perform in a stripped down/freestyle format. Arguably one some of the best content pieces come from these exclusive performances.

Pop/Punk band Through the Crowd gave a never before performed version of their new song, completely acoustic.


Everyone loved the unique look and sound of SunQueen Kelcey

Exclusive Backstage Interviews

We want each artist to have a chance to introduce themselves, and show us more of who they are when they aren’t rocking it on stage. We want to get to know you better.

Winner of the Second official Best of the Booth; at the age 12, Mac Ganoe is already an entertainment powerhouse!

Now it’s your turn. We are looking for musicians of all genres, and all styles to perform at this years Talent Showcase. Whether you’re a singer, band, rapper, beatboxer, or instrumentalist; we want to see what you’re made of.

Submit your entry now at

and see if you have what it takes to be the Best of the Booth!




Some Really Unusual Instruments



American Fotoplayer

This player piano was made in 1912 for the sole purpose of providing sound effects to the silent movies of the time, and hell is it a wild ride!

Pikasso Guitar

A harp guitar named for obvious reasons. Four neck, two sound holes, and 42 string. . .How the-


created by Russian inventor Leon Theremin. Pretty much the instrument that came out of Russia’s experimentation with psychokinetic powers in war time. . .Just kidding, but hey it’s played without any physical contact so you just might convince people that you’re right out of Stranger Things.

Glass Armonica

Sooooo pretty! Who knew a bunch rotating glass bowls could make such a beautiful instrument.

Jew’s Harp

Also known as Gewgaw, a name I personally prefer. . . Put it in your mouth and pluck away. Loves me the dulcet tones of the gewgaw.


Created by Splashtones, the hydraulophone, or H20 Organ, quite literally redefines water!

Marble Machine

An intricate music maker built by Martin Molin, that uses over 2000 marble to create entire compositions. As fun to watch as it is to hear!


Any peculiar instruments out there we aren’t aware of? Be sure to share with us!


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