Like It HOT?!: Check Out Trio Caliente

Latin Band: Trio Caliente

Trio Caliente has got the sizzle!

Their music is now featured on NBC’s hit television show ‘SMASH’.  That is so hot!  You know your music is good if it makes it onto a television network.

Trio Caliente’s musicians have performed from coast to coast throughout the U.S. and in Spain, South America, Central America and the Middle East.

They blend pop with Brazilian jazz and serve it up with spices you’ve never even heard of.  Deborah has the soprano voice with Michael on Latin guitar and amilicar brings the musical philosophy with an array of Latin influences and rhythm to the landscape.

Check their profile out here!

Have a taste for some hot salsa? Experience Rik Indio

When you want to dance salsa all night, you put on some Rik Indio. But don’t let the tattoos and “Tough Guy” appearance fool you because when Rik hits the stage jamming his smash hit “Demasiado Fuerte Reloaded” he brings on the heat revealing the soft and sensual side of Rik.
Rik Indio is a Salsa Artist with 4 Top 10 Billboard Songs. Demasiado Fuerte (Spanish for (roughly) “Much Too Hard”) is his 30th album released. His real name is Ricardo Ramos and his story begins in Paterson, New Jersey.
When you visit you will see the New Arrivals Chart and you will see Rik’s hit Ella in the #1 spot. When you hit PLAY, I guarantee you will start dancing. You can check out Rik Indio’s music and his videos at