A Taste Of Jazz With Danny Lerman

Jazz Artist: Danny Lerman

If you love jazz and saxophones you will love Danny Lerman. “Danny’s saxophone takes center stage, presenting melodies while snappy drum beats, bass pulses and keyboard swirls back him up. He embellishes, builds each piece, and works in improvised fire…”

Danny Lerman is a Contemporary Jazz of saxophonist, composer and singer. Danny has studied with Junior Walker’s legendary teacher, Charlie Atkins and at the music school of the University of North Texas and the Berklee School of Music as well as with Peter Ballin.

Danny Lerman has recorded and performed with Howard Hewett, Danny Boy, Bobby Lyle, Norman Connors and Jimmy Mngwandi. Danny has opened for Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Sergio Mendez, Richard Elliot, David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, the Ghetto Boys and Joe Lovano among others.

Check our his music at www.getconquer.com/dannylerman/


Jazz, Pop & Opera Singer: Skye Dumont

Skye is a diverse artist, who is classically trained and sings opera, musical theatre, and classical music; but is also a recording artist of contemporary music. Her voice has a warm soulful tone which flourishes in her jazz and pop recordings. Skye was always in love with music and performing. She started piano lessons at age 4, and at age 8, won her first singing contest performing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”.

Classically trained at the Manhattan School of Music in beautiful NYC. Her style of music is a mix of pop, soul, and old school big band jazz. She really love bass, horns, & strings. She strives to make music that is somewhat dramatic, with sophistication & class. Her goal is to never create shallow music, but always music with a message.

Check out her latest video “Don’t Dream it’s Over”

Skye aspires to be a role model for young women, and revolutionize the pop music of today. “There can be so much negativity in today’s music. I want to convey a message of love, and positively, and self worth.” // “My ultimate goal In pursuing classical music is to be a premier recognized soprano on the operatic stage with the ultimate design to move and inspire the masses; to bring classical music back to its rightful place in cultural society.” Skye is aiming for an active career as both an operatic and pop performer as well as a worship leader. No matter the style of music — her goal is to inspire her audience.

Check out her music at http://www.getconquer.com/skyedumont


Jazz Queen - Monnette Sudler

Jazz Artist: Monnette Sudler

A jazz storm is brewing in Philadelphia and who else would you expect to be at the center? None other than Conquer Entertainment’s own Monnette Sudler!

A few weeks ago she put on a concert that still has the city talking. As a Philadelphia-based guitarist, she has all of the skills and protocols that a listener could hope for, but she also has a unique way of captivating her audience by how she travels the strings of her guitar. You’d come out of that concert thinking you’d have a bag full of souvenirs from all the places she took you to on that proverbial jazz cruise.

In her recent Jazz Bridge “Real Book” concert, she showcased why Conquer is so proud to sponsor her as one of our premiere Jazz artists. With Danny Monaghan on drums, Aaron Graves on piano, Cedrick Napoleon doing some sweet bass guitar, and a duo of ensemble members: Diane Monroe – Violinist and Gloria Galante – Harpist, the night was a plethora of talent and instruments that fed the hungry Jazz-craving crowd!

Monnette wows the crowd

Even with its complexity, the auditorial effect consisted of Graves’ growling clusters from the ebony and ivory keys of the piano, the rushing jazz rhythms from Danny’s drums, the all out attack of R&B riffs and splashes from Cedrick’s bass guitar and all along Diane, Gloria, and of course, Monnette taking us to town on strings. Wow ladies, way to bring it home!

All of the compositions came from Monnette and Conquer Entertainment couldn’t be more proud. We’re so happy for Philly and for you because you can click the link below to get more of her music and IF, you weren’t able to attend, why not support her talent by getting a download today?


Swing Artist: Sal Andolina

Who hasn’t had that late Friday night yearning to close up your exam studying or slide your glasses off your nose and rub your eyes…all while thinking, “I need to clear my head”?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in any big city, one of the places you end up finding yourself at is a good jazz bar, right?!  You know the place.  The feeling of belonging as you mingle with others around you because only that ‘certain type’ of person is going to go hang for Jazz, but WOW, when the sax starts flowing, and the bass starts rolling, and your feet start tapping; that’s when you know that tonight this music is going to go down smooth and that History exam you have next week?  What exam?  Forget about it.  I need some Sal Andolina right now, not more boring western civilization theory!

Over at Conquer Entertainment, we’ve got everything from Hip Hop to cool Pop, from eclectic rock to Country stock.  But boy, do we also got dat Jazz.

And no one represents it better than Sal.  What’s he all about?  Really, are you kidding?

For virtuoso clarinetist Sal Andolina, the famous Benny Goodman wasn’t just the original King of Swing, he was also his personal acquaintance!  They first met about 20 years ago before Benny passed, but the encounter provided special inspiration for young Sal.  What propelled him to be the next King of Swing was getting to actually work and be coached by Benny Goodman himself.  As Andolina recalled,

“That’s the amazing thing to have a legend – a man who was the king of an era and a musical style, who did so much for the clarinet – sitting so close, hearing and watching every note I played.”

benny goodman

“Afterwards, Benny came up to me and told me, and with a big smile on his face, said that he loved the sound he heard…just the way they used to play in his day.”  Andolina continued, “I asked him if he ever coached other clarinet players?  Before you know it, I was at his house the next day for hours and hours…he knows everything about music.”

These coaching sessions propelled Conquer Jazz star Sal Andolina to a career as a bass clarinetist and saxophonist with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as countless Jazz concerts across the globe.  He has even been called to perform with the original Goodman band!

If you’re feeling the need for some sax and bass thumping in the smoky little Jazz bar over on 5th and Vine, why not get on over or else follow this link and pick up some of Sal’s music from his own Conquer site?  The toe tapping begins here: