Happy Mothers Day to our #1 Fans

All musicians know that if there is one fan that they can always count on to show support it’s mom! Front row at every gig, first person to promote your latest album, she always has your back. So lets make sure we let her know how much we appreciate all she does this Mothers Day.


Conquer artist Brennin is as loving a father as he is a talented musician. Mom and Grandma are here to share the love too!

Check out more of Brennin at his Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/brennin

and the official music video of his latest single “Rip off the Rear View


Klutch never fails to show appreciation for his family, and how blessed he is to have such an amazing mother in his life

Check out more of Klutch at his Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/klutch


Country star Maggie Baugh knows there is no better manager than the woman who raised you.

Check out more of Maggie at her Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/maggiebaugh


we can see where J30 gets all his style from. Looks like it runs in the family

Check out more of J30 at his Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/j30music

Qbayby and Octavia. Mom and daughter. Total besties!

Check out more of Qbayby at her Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/Qbayby/

Now this is cute. Conquer diva Nadia Turner thanks mom for always encouraging her to shine brighter.

Check out more of Nadia at her Conquer page: www.getconquer.com/nadiaturner/

Happy Mothers Day to all the Music Moms out there! No matter what we do or where we go, you will always be a verse in our song. #ConquerLife