Pop/Punk Artist: Shiragirl

We’re celebrating the last day of #PRIDEMONTH with Shiragirl and her new music video #RESIST

On January 21st 2017, millions of women all over the world marched in solidarity, as you probably saw in person and in the media. But what you might have missed, among the crowd of 750,000 people at the Women’s March LA, was Shiragirl in the crowd shooting her video RESIST.

Punk-rock rebel Shiragirl attended the march with cameras rolling to help spread the message with a music video for her new song “RESIST.” In the video, Shira marches down the streets shouting “Resist oppression, resist the war, resist everything…” while her guitarist April Ridinger marches in the Women’s March Miami. The RESIST video also features a brilliant mural “Meanwhile in America” created by Hollywood graffiti artist Greg Auerbach. Shira interacts with the mural and several Women’s March participants, to bring the statement to life.


Rock Artist: Fifth Freedom

There’s nothing like listening to some Led Zeppelin driving down the road on a summer day.  Fifth Freedom is the perfect soundtrack for your summer rock and roll sessions!  Originally from Maine, Fifth Freedom has been rocking out since 2000, and joined our roster in 2012.

Headed by energetic front-man, Alan Jones, adds even more to their aggressive and in-your-face tone on vocals, and they make it known they’re not afraid of risks lyrically to show their human side.  Their latest release, “Heartbreak And Hellfire”, is accompanied by a summer tour throughout Maine, New England, and Massachusetts.

Check out their profile featuring the song below, “Times So Fast“, and their Facebook for upcoming shows in your area!

Ali Critelli Soul/Pop Conquer Artist

Soul/Pop Artist: Ali Critelli

Ali Critelli is an independent singer/songwriter/artist from Buffalo, NY. Since the age of seven, Ali has been singing and performing, preparing her whole life to be a star. The daughter of a singer/musician & writer, and the sister to a mega triple-threat, Ali has found her niche in the family singing soul/pop music.

Ali Critelli is a soul/pop singer that calls Buffalo, New York: the “Queen City” her home. Her unique timbre, wide vocal range, and eclectic musical influences have shaped her to be one of the local staple’s in Western New York’s music scene. Gaining her stage experience playing with several bands over the years (including Buffalo native, Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls) and singing covers of all genre’s, Ali continues to hone her craft on the mic. Her contemporary style singing and unique timbre add a soulful delight to both her lyrics and artistic expression.

Check out the Brand New Official Music Video for Ali’s New Single “Thankfully”

Her musical inspirations include any female power house with belty vocals and enough passion to ring a church bell, such as Christina Aguilera, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, & Alicia Keys.

Be sure to check out her music at http://www.getconquer.com/alicritelli/



In honor of the new season of America’s Got Talent, Conquer has quite a roster of artists that have been featured on the star-making show.  Here’s a playlist of some of our artists performing their auditions, and some who made it on as a contestant on either America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and/or X Factor!

Tune into the 12th season of America’s Got Talent on NBC, Tuesdays at 8PM eastern

Check out the featured artist’s profiles – just click their name!

(in order of playlist appearance)

America’s Got Talent Auditions/Contestants

Mia Boostrom (Season 3,  Season 4 Quarter-Finalist)

Voices Of Glory (Season 4, 5th Place Finalist)

Stephanie Sanson (You Only Live Once) – (Season 6, Auditions)

American Idol Auditions/Contestants

Melanie Donnelly (Laney Lynx) – (Season 10, Auditions/Hollywood)

Phil Stacey – (Season 6, Top 6 Finalist)

Nadia Turner– (Season 4, Top 8 Finalist)

John Stevens – (Season 3, Top 6 Finalist)

X Factor Auditions/Contestants

Caitlin (Koch) – X Factor (Season 1, Auditions/Hollywood)

Brennin Hunt – X Factor (Season 1, Auditions/Hollywood)


Latin/Soul Artist: SIBIE LAVOZ

As sassy as her name sounds, Sibie Lavoz is a New York based sanger (cause the word “singing” just doesn’t cut it) with a fresh latin soul flare.  A product of a gospel upbringing, Sibie learned to hone her vocal tones early on, and has since been building a buzz around the Big Apple.

After getting donned the name, “Lavoz” by a friend, it stuck with her and she has since been making her name known in the jazz nightclub circuit, and even landed a feature at Time Warner Studios.  Currently working on her next proect, you can check out the rest of her catalogue at her profile!



When Cassidy burst onto the scene in 2004, he achieved the status of “legendary” fairly quickly.  After releasing such hits as “Hotel” (featuring R. Kelly), “Husslin” featuring Swizz Beats, and “I’m A Hustla”, Cassidy seemed to vanish.

News broke that Cassidy was involved in a life-threatening car accident in 2006, and little has been seen or heard from him since.

Until now.

In the past year, Cassidy has been releasing freestyle after freestyle, banger after banger.  And we’re not ready for any of it.  Case in point – this recent Vlad feature that’s steady climbing over 200,000 views, and Cassidy is showing no signs of stopping.

He’s set to release a new record this year, for now you can check out his conquer profile and this sick freestyle courtesy of VLAD TV.

*Explicit lyrics, but we’re all adults here…


Rock Artist: YOLO

This band is more than just a Drake reference.  You Only Live Once is a curious mix of pop, hardcore rock, and everything in between, and they just get better with age.  The Los-Angeles based group has been featured on talent shows such as American Idol, X Factor, and America’s Got Talent, as well as headlined for some major bands.

YOLO may look sweet, but their music packs a serious wake-up punch.  Formed from two sisters, their style jumps from the seriously heavy rock feel like found in their song, “Do or Die” to dance-rock anthem, “Lost Me At Goodbye”, in a heartbeat.  A sound to rival mainstream bands like Paramore and the like.

Check out the many sounds of You Only Live Once on their profile!


Photo Cred: Adam Baranello

Electro-Pop Artist: KIIRSTIN MARILYN

Kiirstin Marilyn is in a lane all her own.

Stemming from a theater background, Kiirstin was meant to shine on the stage.  As a former cast member of the Broadway show, “Cabaret”, Kiirstin has tested the limits of her creativity in every outlet she could.  After several bands came and went, the true calling for Kiirstin was revealed – as a performing artist singing her heart out on stage.

Since going solo, Kiirstin has performed all over the world, acted in several short films, and released several EP’s, one boasting the popular music video, “For Peace”.

She continues to gain recognition in the production of her records, energetic live performances, and edgy brand.  Her music continues to walk the line of jazz, pop, rock, and soul; such a sexy blend mixed with sultry vocals, you can’t help but get sucked in and wanting more.

Kiirstin is currently on tour supporting her latest single, “SHE”.

For more of Kiirstin Marilyn, check out her profile!


Alternative Artist-Cris Valkyria

Sometimes an artist creates a sounds that is so remarkably unique that you just can’t possibly tie it down to one genera. Cris Valkyria – is just that! She is simply and refreshingly un-categorizable.

Born and raised in Norway, graduating with a degree in Psychology, traveling the world, and finally settling down in Philly; Cris now shows off her musical talents as lead singer of the band “Valkyrians“. Though the bands foundation is in the Alt-Rock genre, Cris takes it for a spiral with her sweet sound, and folky tone. Staying true to her Scandinavian roots, Cris gives an almost elven, otherworldly vibe with her voice. Injecting a fantasy style undertone into otherwise rock driven music.

Valkyrians is a Philly-based band that has established a reputation of a band hard to categorize, but with a memorable sound.

So aside from having a really cool name, Cris is an artist who pushes genre boundaries. The unique sound of her music gives off an ethereal sort of impression, and unique genre-crossing flare. Her Nordic, old word vocals, mixed with the alt-rock sound of the Valkyrians shows something truly unique.


County Artist: Kimberly Wolff

Kimberly Wolff is a country artist whose combines her vocal talents with her entertaining ability to creates a show that will have you on your feet from beginning to end. Tessa Denen from Perimeter Entertainment is quoted as saying Kimberly Wolff is not what you’d expect a female country artist to be. Her show is high energy from beginning to end. Her vocals are every bit as good as any artist you hear on the radio today, if not better. She is most definitely a star in the making.”

Kimberly might remind you of other strong female country artist such as Top billboard artist Carrie Underwood performing – Before he cheats or Gretchen Wilson – Redneck women. Kimberly delivers a sound of today’s country. Edgy raw with a mix of pop and rock filtered in.

Check out Kimberly performing Martina McBrides “Anyway” In front of a packed stadium of 25,000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVmtHMpi1Aw

Kimberly realized her passion for performing at the young age of seven, and since has taken advantage of every opportunity to get on stage.

After attending St. Ambrose University to study music, Kimberly came home to Illinois to start the career she had been working for all of her life. Kimberly quickly gained the support of some of Chicago’s biggest and best radio stations, producers and venues. She traveled to and from Nashville multiple times and was named Nashville Star Search’s “Best New Talent.” She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee

After seeing Kimberly perform, Today’s Country Magazine stated, “Kimberly Wolff is definitely a Chicago area performer to keep your eyes on.” The magazine, as well as anyone who has had the chance to see Kimberly live, was blown away by the singers ability to perform.

Things have not slowed down for this rising star and after gaining much praise and encouragement from Chicago’s industry professionals, Kimberly decided to make the move to Nashville permanently. 2012 promises to be an incredible year for this artist as there are many new and exciting things in the works. Some of Nashville’s best are already lining up to become a part of this singer’s rise to the top. Keep your eyes open because things just keep getting better and better for this up-and-coming country star!

You can learn more about her and listen to her music at http://www.getconquer.com/kimberlywolff/