Country Artist: Abbie Lynn

Roots Deep In Country Music – Abbie Lynn

“The Judds, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Reba and Miss Loretta Lynn, I have been influenced by all these great stars as I have developed my own unique sound”.

At an early age, Abbie Lynn started learning how to play guitar and later became the song director in her National youth group. Her time in the National youth group doing music really supported her and got her through some tough times. It helped her recognize the power in music and what she could achieve as an artist.

Her live performance was at her elementary school [Park Maitland] when she was 10 years old. Ever since then a solid emphasis on theatre and arts provided her a strong background in stage performance. “I love working the big stage; it is exciting whenever I get to sing to my fans”, she said. As the song director of the National youth music group, she explored and performed on some very big stages across the country. “I have been taught to be hard working and give my very best to whatever I am doing, all thanks to my family”.

Being around her friends, family and fans make it easier to pursue her career while still concentrating and loving “Motherhood”. Abbie Lynn handles her music business with love, patience and a lot of support from fans; just the same way she handles her family. She is a successful Top 40 country music artist that has concluded her most-recent album project in Nashville. The country music star was born in South Florida and was brought up in Orlando, her country music career started in Central Florida, now she is among the big shots on the worldwide stage. She has performed at CMA Fest which sees over 350 thousand fans and also in Nashville at the popular BB King Palace. Love to Burn reached the billboard Top 200.