Unlocking Our Native American Music

Authentic Culture Band: Timeless Tradition

With each passing season, we erase the sounds of the native American Indian culture.  Timeless Tradition is an inspiring ensemble that hopes to preserve their music through authentic Native American flutes and an Celtic Folk harp.  The result is an ethnic blend that will take you to the plains of the midwest where we join the Cherokee and the Cheyenne in celebrations around the fire dance.  Their rich musical heritage of many world cultures come to light through their music.

Timeless Tradition celebrates the extraordinary diversity of our modern day culture and blends in the sounds of a time long gone.  Audiences often comment on the calm, healing nature of their performances.  If you’re looking to broaden your listening experience; why not give them a listen and close your eyes as they transport you across the hunting parties of the Navaho and the Comanche as buffalo fall to the flying arrows and later the celebration of the feast.  Your turn around the circle is waiting.  Your story is soon to be heard.