With Halloween right around the corner, and having a Friday land on the 13th twice this year, October couldn’t get anymore spooky. Turns out, there’s around 10% of the US population who have an actual phobia of the number (called Triskiadekaphobia). It’s estimated that around $900 million is lost in US revenue from people’s suspicions and superstitions around the famed number “13”. In honor of Friday the 13th, We take a look at some of the craziest actions, superstitions and suspicions around this creepy number.

13. Over 17 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day, making it one of the most feared days of the calendar year.

12. Around $900 million is lost in US businesses from people’s fear of not traveling, being superstitious, and staying inside.

11. Ancient Romans thought the number “13” symbolized death and misfortune.

10. Many hotels, apartments, and office buildings in the Western world don’t have a floor “13” for suspicious reasons.

9. In the days of execution, Friday was considered an “unlucky” day as it was for many years the day criminals were executed by hanging, coining the term “Hangman’s Day”.

8. A majority of Christians believe the number 13 to be unlucky because of the 13th guest, Judas (the traitor), at the Last Supper.

13’s not ALL bad…here are some positive facts to change the superstitious’ mind!

7. In Judaism, the number 13 symbolizes the age in which a boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah (a full member of the Jewish faith).

6. Italy considers 13 a lucky number, however 17 is their “suspicious” number.

5. American country legend, Johnny Cash, titled his first released “Number Thirteen”

4. The first United States flag had 13 stars, and stripes, representing the thirteen colonies, and states, that created our country.

3. There have been over 20 titled movies bearing either the day and number (Friday The 13th), or just the number itself, 13.

2. There are 13 notes in a full chromatic music octave (using inclusive counting).

1. A bakers dozen, also known as devil’s dozen, actually comprises of 13 doughnuts  – one for the chef to test!

There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the top thirteen craziest superstitions and suspicions around this day, and let us know which facts you found most interesting! And of course…Happy Friday The 13th!