Music Meets Lifestyle: RIK INDIO

GetConquer prides itself on our lifestyle marketing program, and are always excited when one of our artists takes it all the way. Rik Indio along with Marketing Mentor Dawn Florio did just that recently. “Tu Sabes Bien” performed by Rik Indio was released June 4th to 40,000 fans at the FedEx Field of Hyattsville, Maryland. They completely sold out of both featured products on display; Motives Cosmetics and Awake energy shots.

Rik Indio is generating multiple streams of income due to this collaboration with Conquer Entertainment. The campaign received vast publication both in the US and abroad where it was published in all major news papers and was featured by influential bloggers.
(Diario Las Americas, El Latino (Miami), Listin Diario Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic), El metro (Puerto Rico), El universal (Mexico), Bloggers – JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger, Conquer and Market America)

Watch the video HERE

We asked Dawn and Rik where did the concept come from? 
“Rik indio was the Producer of the audiovisual through his company Rik Indio Films.  He wanted to transport us to the lushness of the tropics to show us the sensual side of love by incorporating the bedroom scenes and play of lights to act out the steamy lyrics of the song.  But he also exposes us to the vulnerable and tender side of love by letting us experience the intimacy in a couple who feels content reading a book, the tenderness of a woman helping her man shave and the longing  this man lives in missing that special someone even when he is trying to forget her by being with other people but he finds that impossible.

“Tu Sabes Bien” spawned a behinds the scenes video and a video exclusive made to feature and showcase Motives as the cosmetics brand which was used on both the artist and models.   Motives was been given special placing to ensure branding and “Music Meets Lifestyle” with Conquer Entertainment in all social media campaigns.”

Meet the Artist: RIK INDIO

Achieved five top 10 songs on the Tropical Billboard Charts
His newest song “Tu Sabes Bien” is in the top twenty and is burning up the Latin Bill Board Charts and the video featured Motives Cosmetics. His last song “Demasiado Fuerte Reloaded” reached number 4 on the charts and the video featured Awake.
Premio Lo Nuestro nominee

Meet the Marketing Mentor – Dawn Florio 

Owns her own law firm specializing in Criminal Defense and is a high profile trial attorney.
Leader of Team Fat Joe in Market America. She has achieved 7 consecutive Chairmen’s Challenges and 2 Conquer Challenges.
Her famous quote is ” If you want to spend time with me you have to get arrested or have an interest in Market America” due to to her busy schedule.


rik in deep thought
rik in deep thought

Latin Artist: Rik Indio

Salsa Artist Rik Indio mixes music with lifestyle…with his 5 Top 10 Billboard Songs…Premio Lo Nuestro Nominee, Premios Conga 2016 Rik Indio brings the heat with this salsa romantica that reached #4 on the Billboard Tropical Chart and # 1 on Mediabase. Within his music video below you capture the subtle references to his use of the ever popular energy drink, Awake and his lovely lady dresses up for an evening out with Motives makeup.

Conquer Entertainment continues to lead the music industry in showcasing artists that successfully marry music and lifestyle. We excel at teaching our artists how to generate income by creating additional revenue streams through the art of lifestyle marketing. All of us want our favorite artists to be able to make a living crafting the art of their trade while allowing us (the fans) to support them in various ways. One way we provide is to use the products and services our artists connect with and thereby give them a portion of those sales. In this way we (the fans) can affiliate our purchases with our artists and keep them doing the thing they love (making more music)!! This is the future of the industry and we need to take care of artists world-wide. Rik is just one of this examples.

The name Rik Indio and his music is creating a buzz and showing the way an artist can mix music and lifestyle. He’s leading by example and showing artists the world over that this is the direction the industry is moving towards.