Soul Artist: Olamide Faison

One song at a time,

One stage at a time,

One day at a time

That’s how recording artist Olamide Faison lives his life. His genre is R&B but there’s definitely a feel of reggae mixed in. He makes you feel as a fan that you are important to the overall process. He spreads love throughout the songs and his performance.

Olamide’s career started when he was 5 years old he knew then that he would never stop performing. At the age of 13 Jive Records gave him his first contract with the group Imajin the journey didn’t end there. He would go on to perform 6 seasons on Sesame Street spreading the love to children around the world.

Olamide is recognized as a BET music maters artist, he has performed in front of tens of thousands of fans but his favorite place to perform is on Bleecker Street in New York City at The Bitter End. It is the heartbeat of his band to perform on that stage in front of his fans and Friends. Olamide grew up in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. All passion, all love is how he plays and the fans feel it so they reciprocate with admiration.

If you are in NYC May 31 at 10pm, be sure to stop by The Bitter End and grab you favorite beverage take a seat and relax against the famous brick wall close your eyes  and listen to  the beautiful voice of Olamide Faison. I guarantee you will be emotionally drawn in. The noise will melt away and life will slow down. Don’t forget to request my favorite track – “My Life”

Listen to Olamide Faison on Get Conquer: