‘Learn to Be’ by Brian Mackey

Songwriting is challenging

Singer/Songwriter: Brian Mackey

When you first meet Brian Mackey, he comes across as a relaxed guy at peace with the world. Asking him to rely what he’s creating lately and his numerous accomplishments gets you smooth responses without any hint of arrogance, this even with his recent success of his track “Are You Listening” in Europe. Brian is more focused than ever at getting his music out to the world to hear. With a growing audience in Germany, Norway and other parts of Europe, he sends his unique voice to wherever the fanbase lives. Building on his own life experiences and of those around him, this singer/songwriter delves into the darkest and saddest places to create a sound that is pop-infused rock mixed with a voice that is reminiscent of the late Jim Croce.  Below is his latest example of that talent in the official release of his latest music video, ‘Learn To Be’.

Brian Mackey knows there are few things in life as brutal as a breakup. Once we’ve become accustomed to the support of a partner, we can find it nearly impossible to stand alone; it’s no great exaggeration to say that we’re forced to learn to walk again. But emotional turbulence has often prompted gripping, forthright art, and Mackey’s latest single is just that kind of a song. “Learn To Be” is an aching, unflinching look at dependence within a troubled relationship – the lament of a man who is searching for a lost sense of self in the long shadow of his partner. It’s exactly the sort of writing we’ve come to expect from Mackey, an earnest chronicler of the human heart whose private reflections always have universal dimensions.

Check out his music at https://www.getconquer.com/brianmackey