Country Artist: Sarah Bella

Sarah Bella, Country Pop  Singer/Songwriter based out of Michigan. She is one of our newest favorites! When listening to her music you’re able to get a feeling that she puts a lot of herself and her life into the lyrics of her songs.

With Gems like “In My Soul” and “Love Like Us” she is taking the entertainment industry by storm.  For instance,the song  “In My Soul” makes you get a sense of who Sarah Bella is.  From the melody to the imagery used in her lyrics, this Artist is a true talent.

Sarah Bella explains that her songwriting started long before her interest in music as a career. On her website, she reminisces about writing lyrics as young as Elementary School. Somehow it wasn’t until after college that she wrote, played guitar, and sang what she calls her first official song. In contrast, when you hear the polished simplicity of Sara Bella’s music you will agree that she is on the fast track to stardom. She is currently in the process of working on her EP.