Rock Cover Show: Led Zeppelin Experience

The best Led Zeppelin tribute on the planet

-Dennis D’Amico, executive producer (Paul McCartney)

Band Summary:

The Led Zeppelin Experience is basically a tribute to the great British Super Live Group from the ancient times of late 1968 unto the thundering power of the 1973 and over.  The sound, appearance, mannerism, equipment, and performance will absolutely convince the most diehard supporter of the Led Zeppelin band to believe that they’re really watching the original band performing live.

About The Band:

Led Zeppelin Experience authentically brings back the legend British Super Live Group Band reminiscing the good old days when the “Hammer of the Gods” hit America and went viral globally.

The appearance, trait, performance, as well as native English accents are appropriately organized to give you that magical feel and great night of musical experience.  John Paul Jones, a member of the Led Zeppelin Band, said this when signing an autograph, “this is pretty scary” laying emphasis on the resemblance and similarity of every character in the pictures.  This exceptional and revolutionary band originates from Seattle, WA.

All around America and beyond, the group has been delivering warm and exhilarating performances to fans of Led Zeppelin, bringing back the memories of the 1968 Madison Square Garden performance.  The group has performed together with Molly Hatchet, Nazareth, Peter Frampton, Kansas, Foreigner, Eric Burden, The Animals, Jefferson Starship, and many others.

The group has close to 1 million international supporters and still growing.  Other rock stars like them and many fans of the Led Zeppelin group have publicly testified they were actually watching the original British Super Live Group.

Band Bio:

The Led Zeppelin group has been awesome in living up to standard.  As soon as the lighting faints the appearance, sounds, and feeling takes their supporters back to Madison Square Garden where the group had their first performance in 1968.  The equipment, stage, outfits, traits, and accents will surely convince any supporter that thinks it’s impossible.

The group consists of four characters with full equipment.  Prepared to take a smooth drive or flight to any concert reliant to the location and will journey to any destination both within the country and beyond.

The band encourages all forms of promotions and is entirely keen to do live interviews or audio [radio] interviews and live performances on radio to promote any occasion if required.  Our managerial crew will assist in any means to assure a successful event.

In over 30-60 different locations, we have put in place radio spots as well as music for DJ voice overs.  We bring fans together and encourage contests, gatherings, client-sponsorships, etc.  It’s the job of our managerial crew to cover every single part of the concert with promoters to assure a nice and successful occasion.

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