caitlin koch knows lifestyle marketing

Singer/Songwriter: Caitlin Koch

How do you turn music into lifestyle? How do you turn your music career into a marketing stream of revenue? We turned to Conquer’s own Caitlin Koch for some of those answers.

As a Nashville based singer/songwriter best known for her performances on Simon Cowell’s production, “The X Factor, USA” Season 1, Conquer Entertainment caught up with Caitlin and her busy schedule long enough to examine how she is using her brand of music and her lifestyle to reach out to her fans.

“I chased my dream on my own terms. I breathed music and got into songwriting more and more. I felt like the Nashville music community opened its arms to me one friend at a time”, says Caitlin. And from that base of Nashville talent, we see that like so many doe-eyed Jersey dairy cows, musicians are the dairy cows of the music business. If you properly take care of them and milk them carefully, the music and all of its spin-offs end up producing a long commercial life of revenue with gigs, record sales, licenses, more streaming music traction, and all the merchandise and publishing royalties.

Showing her lifestyle in Venice
Caitlin with Motives look

More recently, savvy advertisers have used music and the personalities of musicians in all sorts of ways to market their stuff to the public. Some involve straight-up commercial endorsements, while others create a more subliminal connection between music and consumer. The emotional power of music is considerable, and when music is associated with a certain product or service, that emotional resonance transfers to the product or service itself.

This is largely what lifestyle marketing is about: using music to create an emotional response, which in turn influences the consumer’s choices. In return, lifestyle marketing helps artists find a wider community and potential sales base for record sales, concerts, and so on.

With Caitlin, as in the images above, she shows off her best looks with colors and shadows that mirror the best that Motives cosmetics has to offer. And check out that hot European look on the streets of Venice! Her fans can scour her trend shop on to find a purse to match her look or discover some ‘stepping out to lunch shoes’ with those adorable half boots. Either way, her fans love her music and definitely love her look.  There she goes again, turning music into lifestyle and her music career into a marketing stream of revenue!

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